• All umpires that officiate Premier Sports/USFA events will be required to register on our site and sanction with USFA.
  • Sanctioned umpires will receive insurance through USFA. For specific details of the coverage provided, please check the policy. 

Dresss Code

The following will be strictly enforced.
All umpires are required to have proper attire to include but not limited to:
  • Pants: Charcoal or Heather
  • Shirts: Powder Blue, Navy Blue, Black, etc. as long as both umpires have on the same exact colors. NO RED!!!!
  • T-Shirt: White
  • Hat: Navy Blue
  • Ball Bags: Navy Blue (2 required)
  • Shoes: Black
  • Belt: Black
  • Jacket: Navy Blue with Powder Blue stripe
No emblems or numerals are permitted on shirts or hats unless USFA supplied/approved.


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